[sabayon-dev] heads up: Entropy 182 and new .ini-like repositories.conf.d/* files support

Fabio Erculiani lxnay at sabayon.org
Tue Mar 12 13:22:02 UTC 2013

Relax, backward compatibility has been preserved.
This involves both Entropy Client (equo, rigo) and Entropy Server
(eit) libraries and is about better (and more easily extensible)
configuration files syntax in /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/*
Also, this means that if you're an Eit user, you can define your
repositories directly inside /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/ as you
do with your client side stuff.
So, /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/ is the new central place for
setting repositories (and is also package manager friendly, in the
sense that you can have your ebuilds install more stuff into this
directory, like regional mirror lists, etc).

Please read the following two commits:
Entropy Client:
Entropy Server:

Old configuration files will keep working. In particular, repositories
declared inside /etc/entropy/repositories.conf will continue to work
for 1.5 years from now, while repositories declared inside
/etc/entropy/server.conf will continue to work for 2+ years from now.

Entropy 182 has been just tagged.

Fabio Erculiani

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