[sabayon-dev] some Dead mirrors in all repositories

bwg-inc71 bwg-inc71 at zeelandnet.nl
Tue Mar 12 15:40:46 UTC 2013

Quite e few mirrors in all repositories seems to be dead, or the earl
has changed., so they won't work anymore.
I tried to track them down, changed the earls where needed, and disabled
the rest that really doesn't mirroring the Sabayon repositories anymore.

On the Wiki, i've created the En:Repositories which i believe, contains
the most current and up to date mirrors.
All mirrors are working.

Allthough the Australian mirror is only mentioned in Weekly and Limbo,
it's also suitable for daily, ., but spam filter is preventing me from
doing that.....
correct phrase for daily should be:
repository =

Anyway, just wanted you to know.
Maybe something to implement into the next iso's.....

-- batvink --

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