[sabayon-dev] lacking of documentation to contribute

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Sun Feb 22 15:44:45 UTC 2015


I couldn't find documentation helping me to involve myself to this
wonderfull project that is Sabayon. I might have missed some things but
here is what I would need in order to quickly provide contributions:

- documentation about the averall architecture;
- documentation on the packaging steps;
- documentation on the used tools;
- documentation about the packaging policies;
- documentation about how to provide updates, new packages, etc.

>From my quick bugzilla browsing, I could read a lot of requests that
looks not much hard to achieve. I tend to think that most of them stand
there because contributing occsionally requires too many "hidden"
knowledge like those mentionned above.

FMPOV, contributors are becoming more and more volatile. Being fully
involved in a few projects is not anymore the way most people go. They
rather contribute on small areas for a lot of rojects about what they're
interrested in.

With better documentation, such users could get everything they need to


Nicolas Sebrecht

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