[sabayon-dev] Updates / Sabayon 16.04 RC

Ettore Di Giacinto mudler at sabayonlinux.org
Sun Mar 20 18:16:30 UTC 2016

Hi folks!

>From the latest staff discussion, Fabio appointed me, upon common
agreement, as Project Leader *ad interim* until he comes back.

Before announcing what are our priorities in short-term, let's talk about
the upcoming release.
Testing is as always as easy as downloading a -dev daily image and report
bugs you may find on your way.
The following release will ship major upgrades to system core components
and packages that are flags of our OOTB philosophy, among them:

   - The Calamares Installer is up to date to the latest release (2.1)
   thanks to Francesco
   - Latest Ati Drivers "Crimson" 15.12
   - Latest Linux Kernel  4.4.6
   - Latest Kodi 16.0
   - Latest Atom Editor (1.6)
   - Bugfixes to sddm
   - New OpenSSL to address DROWN attacks and with disabled sslv3 as

and many more!

Calamares and openssl (networking) software needs further testing, so
please list every problem you may encounter.

Meanwhile we are working also on other sides:

I invite everybody to check out the *new website*, since the release date
is close:
If you want propose a change or report a bug, use the Github issue system:

We want to focus also on user engagement/happiness and in order also to
bring some sorta of stability to users that wants to build packages that
are not available on Entropy.
Actually everytime the user ends up using Portage to install external
Software to Entropy, with the result of a borked system that only skilled
people can fix or properly maintain. This is one of the reason why we are
making efforts into developing the *Sabayon Community Repositories,* an
automated infrastructure to build packages.

The *Sabayon Community* *Repositories *infrastructure will build
repositories for the community, and it is managed by the community itself.
There will be a main *Community* repository while there is room to add
other repositories, "slots", that SCR Developers are free to use. More on
how it works will come later.
Currently we are in alpha state, but we are having great results, some
packages are already available to the public.
The goal here is to have a system like AUR for Arch and PPA for Ubuntu
where Sabayon Community Developers (which are community member first)
mantain multiple repositories or packages of the Community repository.  The
whole system, still lacks documentation.

The Documentation is a currently a hitch, and the plans are to start from
scratch, but we are looking for volounteers to work on that, we are

Cheers ... and Happy testing!,
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